Overcoming Depression Bible Study – June Hunt Hope For The Heart Series

Approximately 14.8 million adults in the U.S. suffer from major depressive disorder (Archives of General Psychiatry) and it is the leading cause of disability in those aged 15-44 (World Health Organization.) Find out how to overcome depression and help others find the peace God offers them with June Hunt’s 6-week Bible study. Under the crushing weight of depression, life can seem endlessly hopeless, numb, and tiresome. Let God’s Word help you rediscover purpose, joy, and … Continued

Five Keys to Dealing with Depression

Five Keys To Dealing With Depression

Loss of interest. Drastic changes in appetite. Deep sadness. Feeling constantly tired. Thoughts of death or suicide. The symptoms and signs of depression vary over a wide range and affect every part of our lives, so why shouldn’t our treatment be just as complete? Five Keys to Depression focuses on the whole-person for whole healing with practical tips, valuable biblical insight, and shame-free help. Effective Depression Help with the Whole-Person Approach People are not one-dimensional … Continued

Seven Answers for Anxiety

Seven Answers For Anxiety

Experience the freedom, joy, and peace that come from letting go of anxiety and grasping the freedom you have in Christ with 7 Answers for Anxiety. Unlike popular methods which tell you to just “manage” or medicate your anxiety— Dr. Jantz’s 7 Answers for Anxiety helps you identify the root cause of anxiety—so you can overcome and break free from the nagging and anxious thoughts that leave you exhausted. He explains seven trusted and practical … Continued


June Hunt starts this minibook with defining all types of depression, from normal mood swings to psychotic depression. Through charts and easy bulleted points, June Hunt explains what happens to the mind, emotions, will, and body when various forms of depression hit. In Depression, June Hunt shows you: Causes of depression Types of depression Unexpected signs of depression The physical effects of depression How to combat depression spiritually Depression will shed light on the spiritual … Continued