Choosing Forgiveness Bible Study – June Hunt Hope For The Heart Series

You know that as a believer you are called to forgive—but how? How can you truly forgive someone who hurt you? What does “letting it go” actually look like? What if they don’t even seem sorry? Find refreshment in God’s Word with this six-week study on forgiveness by Rose Publishing. Packed with practical tips, realistic advice, and discussion questions, the 6-week Choosing Forgiveness Bible study invites you to dive deeper into the Bible and shows … Continued

Forgiveness: The Freedom to Let Go (Hope for the Heart Series)

Learn to Forgive, to Break from Bitterness, and to Remove Resentment. June Hunt starts this minibook with a definitions section where she explains each word associated with forgiveness. Learn all forms of forgiveness and the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation. Also included in the definitions section are Biblical examples where Jesus forgave sinners and how we can follow his example. Forgiveness isn’t based on a feeling, but rather on the fact that God calls us … Continued